GitHub on the go. Free.

GitHawk is the easiest way to use GitHub on iOS. Read notifications, reply to issues, merge pull requests and more.

GitHub Flavored Markdown

Natively rendered Markdown that is lightning-fast (no web views!) and conforms to the GFM spec. GitHawk even supports interactive elements like checkboxes and links.

Merge Pull Requests

View pull request merge status, and simply tap to merge. You can choose to merge, squash, or rebase — whichever you prefer! Keep projects moving from your phone.

Read, Reply, React

Keep your issues and pull requests up to date with all the features you're used to on the web. Commenting is easy with Markdown shortcuts and you can double-tap to 👍.

Manage Issues & PRs

Add labels, assignees, and milestones as soon as notifications arrive. Keep your issues organized and updated.

What people are saying

It’s great to see a solid, native iOS Git client being built in the open. @githawk is really nice to use, too!

You should try out @githawk for a nice way to handle GitHub notifications and pull requests on iOS.

Just tried @_ryannystrom ‘s githawk on iPad and folks - IT IS EVEN BETTER !

I've been using @githawk for almost a year now. I just had an extraordinary pleasant experience with it with respect to handling 6 different PRs. I just wanted to tell @_ryannystrom & @BasThomas kudos and wanted to spread the word a bit. This app is a MUS HAVE dev tool!